Once upon a time in the Seven Mountains ..

There are many legends from the Rhine and the Seven Mountains, some of them you will find here: old ones that have been known for generations, they are signed as ("traditional"), new versions of an old theme ("free"), and new stories that I wrote myself ("new"). All legends are told in my own words.

Reading about a region with three medieval castle ruins, you won't be surprised that many legends tell us about knights and their ladies. At the time of the crusades, also many knights from the Rhineland took the cross and followed the Emperor to Palestine. Some came back sound and safe, some were reported missing, and some never came back. Often enough, evil people tried to take advantage of the knights' absence. Other legends tell us about dragons - gruesome, malignant creatures who devour humans, blow up ships and take pleasure in the misery of others - for instance "The Malignant Dragon". However, these legends do the dragons unjust. Just meet Brann, the Dragon Lady of Drachenfels, who is as wise as she is kind. Finally, you can read about other legendary people huge and small, giants and dwarf.

Source for the "traditional" legends:
Sage und Geschichte der sieben Berge, Dietmar Blumenthal in Zusammenarbeit mit Winfried Biesing, Königswinter 1985